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What is Digital Marketing & SEO

So you spend thousands of dollars launching and designing your site you’ve exchanged countless emails and phone calls with your designer and developer and you are finally ready. It’s go time and you flipped the switch! Now what? Customers will flock to you by the thousands right? – Wrong!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Getting your website setup, published and making sure people find it are two completely different things – If you build it then will NOT come.

Your business website is competing against thousands if not millions of other sites in your industry on the Internet. Just like your business you have competitors but no two businesses are alike. These sites are all different; they have different purposes, themes and factors that make them desirable to both a consumer and the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Google’s job is to show consumers the most accurate, relevant information and takes hundreds of factors into consideration from site look, speed, objective, age, reputation, social signals, on page seo and off page seo to name a few.

Think of it this way – If you open a cupcake shop inside a strip mall that was hidden behind trees, how would anyone ever find your awesome business? How would people looking for the best cupcakes in town ever reach you if they cannot see your store? How would anyone know you exist?

Behold Digital Marketing & SEO!

Search engine optimization is the process of placing your business in front of people who are lookcupcake-exampleing to find your product and services. It’s like having your cupcake shop on a really busy street with a giant sign where most of the people walking by are looking to eat cupcakes. You see we don’t care about people who are looking for wedding gowns or auto repair shops because we sell cupcakes!

By doing search engine optimization that works, you essentially only capture business from people looking specifically for your services.

There are on a very low end 1,600 people per month looking for cupcakes in Houston alone, not to mention the other terms
people might be searching for online and this doesn’t even include Yahoo & Bing! What could a portion of this business mean to you if you owned a cup cake shop?

What online marketing will not do

What Houston SEO will NOT do is fix a broken customer service experience or turn a mediocre product into a great one or even turn a broken website in a sales machine or fix broken operational process.

What online marketing will do

SEO CAN increase exposure; it can drive leads and get your business in front of thousands of potential customers who are already looking to buy your product or services. It can give you brand awareness and make sure that what people find when they search for you is what you want and not some negative rant from that one unhappy customer.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that when used effectively can make or break your business. This can be the difference between closing your doors or expanding.

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Discovery Process

Is SEO right for your company?

The answer is not as simple but you have to look at the cost of internet marketing and whether or not you can get a good ROI.
By doing the proper keyword research and taking an estimate of the amount of monthly search volume X the average lifetime value of a customer you can determine if it is worth doing SEO.

For example if your customer value is $1,000 and you are spending $3,000/mo in SEO but getting 10 new customers a month then it makes sense. Being able to make these calculations is very important and is something that any reputable SEO consultant should help with.

Besides the ROI you should want to be involved in your own business growth and aim to understand what changes need to be made on your end to make each campaign a success.


Getting search engine optimization can be an uneasy experience but it doesn’t have to be. The right Houston SEO expert should explain all your option and break things down you to a level you understand.

They should develop a plan of action that is ever changing and should take the time to understand who you truly are and what factors drive your business, where your business is and where it needs to go.

They should be well versed in the art of SEO and be able to explain every aspect of it. They should have measurable goals and immaculate communication skills so you always know what’s going on.

Digital Marketing can make a huge impact on your business and drive lots of new customers but it doesn’t solve all problems. There are lots of moving parts and a true professional should help you understand what happens to your potential customers once they land your site and provide recommendation to improve conversion, after all the ultimate goal is increased business.
Look for someone that is interested in building a long lasting business relationship and is truly interested in your business success.

Find out if Saenz Digital is a good it for you.