About – Saenz Digital
Armando Saenz

I’m Armando Saenz founder of Saenz Digital. I’ve got over 8 years of healthcare experience primarily in business development and marketing. Throughout the years I’ve helped hundreds of physicians on all things digital.

I founded Saenz Digital because I saw a real need and a gap in healthcare local marketing that impacts not only doctors but pretty much all healthcare.

I frankly got tired of seeing business owners getting taken by big dumb companies charging ridiculous amounts of money to throw meaningless terms around like “brand awareness” and “return on engagement” - when was the last time “brand awareness” paid your staff salaries?

You see, most of healthcare is ages behind when it comes to internet marketing. They run clunky websites full of useless information that are difficult to navigate much like the government and hire big marketing agencies that don’t really understand healthcare or local search and are using traditional marketing like newspaper ads, flyers, billboards, magazine ads that don't cut it anymore. This trend is not only in healthcare, it's happening to all local business.

To make things worse, corporate marketing departments at hospitals are so disconnected from reality that there is no way they can help you. How can they when they can’t even begin to comprehend how your practice actually works. These are the same people that don’t know the difference between what a service you offer is an a symptom, the same people that sit in a room and make decision that impact your business, the same people that like to use corporate jargon and words like “user engagement” to delay processes that actually get you paid. To corporate marketing you are just another number because after all their goal is “brand awareness”.

When was the last time you picked up a magazine and looked for a service you needed?

When was the last time a billboard influenced your decision to buy?

When was the last time you used the YellowPages?

Your patients and customers aren’t using those traditional methods either, because if I want to find a good doctor or a solid service I need i’m simply going to Google them. Google has become a trusted source of information that influences and drives new patients and customers through the doors.

It’s this reason I branched out to help local businesses and physicians actually increase their local visibility so potential business can find you when and where they are actually looking.

I don’t have a fancy office and work only with some local businesses and  physician practices so you don’t have to worry about paying CEO wages and if you are in healthcare you won’t have to explain to me what HIPAA is because like I mentioned, I know healthcare.

If you’re still reading this and want to see how I can help then contact me.