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How To Generate Leads With The Right Content


Neil Patel reveals why you are not driving leads with your content and details how to fix the issues you are facing so you can maximize your efforts.

Content is King right? I mean we hear it all the time, blog, write, write and then write more but what if no one ever reads your stuff? What if you spend endless hours blogging, writing and creating and no one ever reads it and you drive no calls, emails or sales? Well that’s the reality most business owners face. Mainly because they don’t really understand what they are writing about and who they are writing it for. They don;t understand their audience.

To most offline business owners this whole internet thing is brand new and scary and when they hear things like content is king, well they take to writing but most don’t have a plan. The following article is a great write up that details how to leverage research and several looks to make content marketing work for you.

Why Your Content Isnt Generating Leads (and How to Fix It)

42% of B2B marketers view themselves as successful when it comes to content marketing. However, if you’ve been grinding away for many months, and you’ve yet to see results from your content marketing efforts — you may be feeling a little bit frustrated. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons as to why certain content marketing campaigns fail to generate leads. read more at

In a nutshell there is the core of what most local business are lacking when it comes to content and why they fail to drive the leads they deserve.

  1. Your content doesn’t solve problems
  2. Your content is not providing a fresh look on things and its boring
  3. Your content does not include any CTAs
  4. You’re not promoting your content

Our favorite part of this entire article is they research piece. The research that goes into choosing a topic for any blog post should be something your target audience is already looking for and it should solve the a problem for them or at least them them started on the right path. This is key because if done correctly Google with favor your writing and it will serve the article to your audience and drive traffic which you can then turn into leads that turn into sales.