How to geotag images you upload to Google Maps using the GMB dashboard


Adding images to your map listing is great and should be required in all honesty. Images are great to showcase your business or clinic to include staff and other cool things that will attract more customers.

There is more you can do with images so they actually have some sort of impact on positioning and send local signals to the search engines and actually help your local visibility and search marketing efforts. When you geotag an image you basically add coordinates to that image turning it into a rich media type of mention (citation) that adds your business address to the meta data of that image. This is helpful because the more of the right citations you have the better influence you have on rankings. Another cool this is that you can use that same image to add to your website and social media so if anyone shares that, they will in turn be sharing a marked up image.

In the [short how] to video I show you how to do this for your images using Google My Business dashboard all for free without the need of expensive or external tools.