Do you need to prepare your blog this holiday season

Shares bloggers, “rest” and “time off” are not familiar words. The nature of blogging requires that bloggers be willing to dedicate themselves to it at all times, at all hours of the day, and at all points throughout the year. Even if you don’t actually “take a vacation” over the holidays (most of us marketers and entrepreneurs don’t), there are many ways to plan ahead so that you don’t wind up hunched over your computer screen while everyone else is passing the gravy boat. Real full story…

It’s important to remember that consistency and planning is key with any content marketing plan. There are plenty of tools on the market today that can help you automate some of the process a little. Below are the top 10 round up tips.

1) Start early.
2) Get creative with content forms.
3) Use your holiday blogs as a vessel for good.
4) Branch out.
5) Schedule the posts.
6) Link your posts with email automation.
7) Consider offering seasonal products.
8) Focus on quality rather than quantity.
9) Speak directly to your fans.
10) Have fun!

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