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Done For You Local Search Marketing

If you are a local business and are busy running your business and don’t have time for all this “internet stuff” but understands how important it is for your customers to find you locally then this is for you.

I hate the fluff just as much as you do so here is what I can help you with:

I can help position your business in front of more potential local customers that are looking for your services in Google Local and Maps. Me and my team will do most of the work and will guide you through the steps only you can complete. This is a one time investment of $3800.

That’s it in a nutshell. If you are still interested then keep reading the details.


  • I have to optimize your Google My Business Listing (GMB). To start I make sure your business Name, Address, Phone number are correct (NAP) and that your business is listed in the correct categories. If you know what you’re doing this is pretty straight forward. In order to make sure you DO NOT get a penalty from Google by filling out your information incorrectly a big part of what I do is make sure to strictly follow Google’s Guidelines. I will also take a look and fix details that can hurt your business like duplicate listings and even optimize your images and other areas that count.
  • My team and I will list your business on the top 25-50 sites like,, and many more. If you are already listed then I will correct what isn’t right. I also do my homework on your competitors and find out which sites they are listed on and which industry type sites will help you, then I list you there as well. This process takes the most time and work and is done manually for each site and is called building citations.
  • ​I tweak your website because being listed in Google Local is more of a holistic approach and On Page optimization of your website does have a huge impact on how visible you are locally. Your website’s quality and signals have become a crucial part of the local ecosystem. If you have access to your site I can make the changes but I can also give direction to your web guy or developer on what needs to be changed.
  • ​I help you implement a custom review system for your practice so you benefit from happy patient reviews and are setup with a system to generate review for years to come.
  • ​I help you get solid references from other quality sites (links). These are factors that will influence your exposure in Local Google.

You made it to the middle of the page!

If you are here it’s because you need help and you understand the importance of having your business in front of local buyers that are looking for you.


  • I’m a no B.S type of guy. More than likely you need my services but in the event that you don’t - I will tell you. I much rather not take you on as a client if it means I can’t help you. If it turns out what you need is something completely different I will guide you in the right direction.
  • You know exactly how much you will be investing (on time fee $3800) and what it gets you because I just told you. I rather be upfront about things because that saves everyone time. I’m not going to make you fill out some form with all your business details just to give you a price - that’s not transparent at all.
  • ​I’m not going to hold you hostage. This is your business and we will build or claim your Google My Business listing with and account that YOU own and control. Unlike some companies that claim listing for your business on accounts they own so you have no choice but to keep paying them.
  • ​You stay in the loop. You will know what happens every step and I detail everything in easy to follow reports. If there are things you want to know then I will show you. I can even show you how you can execute the steps yourself if you want.
  • ​My focus in getting you where most patients are looking and that is Google Local results. Sure you will get the added bonus of local visibility in Yahoo and Bing as well but know that the focus in Google.
  • ​I’m not going to nickel and dime you by throwing out fancy terms like “return on engagement” and “brand advocacy strategy” (I don’t even know what that means to be honest). These types of “guru terms” don’t get you in front of real customers and I only focus on getting you visible where your customers are searching.
  • This is not some cookie cutter approach. Your business is unique and your marketing should be as well. I want to understand your market, goals and your vision and for this reason I ask a bunch of questions before we get started and you will never get an automated response from me. I will always look very hard at your Google My Business, your website and competition before I make any recommendations.

Showing up on Google local pays off in the long run. You can benefit from having consistent business flow without having to pay for ongoing Ads which means you can use your money to grow other parts of your business.

I’m here personally to answer every question and you will see how your local exposure grows over time.


Here are the options if you want to capture new business:

  1. Do it yourself. Take what you learned here and what I’ve outlined and knock yourself out if you have the time.
  1. ​Continue to do nothing or continue to pay for useless yellow page or newspaper ads or just wait for word of mouth to catch up.
  2. Let me take you to the next level and help you grow your local business with the power of search by exposing your practice to local patients on the most powerful platform with the highest pay off: Google. One time investment of $3800

So if you’re busy running a business and need more customers but don’t have the time to deal with all this “internet stuff” my DFY service is the way to go. Click here and fill out my questionnaire to see if I can even help you.