The Easiest Way To Get Positive Online Reviews For Your Medical Practice or Small Business


Google reviews for local small business can make or break them, yet most small business and medical practices are just sitting by the sidelines in a reactive state when it comes to online reviews and how their business looks on the internet.

No online reviews screenshots

Maybe it's because just 2-3 years ago no one was talking about this or maybe they just are busy running their business or maybe they fear all this internet stuff.

Whatever the case is, as a business owner people are going to say whatever they want about you online and your business depends on how proactive you are.

Take a look at the healthcare world, which in my opinion is decades behind. Just Google and search for a doctor or any specialty and you will see that most don’t have any sort of representation online. Their Google profiles aren’t claimed and they have outdated information or worse wrong information including addresses and phone numbers or reviews that are years old from that one angry patient that makes them look bad.

To top things off the docs that are part of big medical groups probably have some fancy “digital marketing director” heading their efforts that has no clue on what they’re doing. This sort of stuff is just not priority for their “marketing person” but it SHOULD absolutely be priority to the physician because ultimately that is what new potential patients see and what drive new business.

According to a survey “92% of consumers now read online reviews (vs. 88% in 2014)”¬†source. Which means that most people are making their decisions on what they buy, who they choose as their service providers¬†and which doctor they need to see based on these online review. People trust them and they trust Google, so whether you like it or not Google holds they key to your success.

What can you as a small business owner or private practice doctor do?

Well, you take control. You show up to the table and start asking your happy patients for reviews. You make it easy for them, you make it sexy, you make it a no brainer. Not some confusing flowchart but an easy method that sends reminders and doesn’t require you to change your current workflow.

In this video I’ve outlined some things you can do right now that will help you make this happen.

  • Here is what you will learn:
  • Why reviews matter
  • How to easily get them
  • What a review funnel is and why you NEED one