If You’re Not Focusing On Social Media – You Should Be


Whether you like it or not social is here to stay. With each passing day these platforms mature and the users mature with them. As your business grows it’s important to stay on top of moving trends to that you stay in front of your customers and reach them on their platforms.

Why social media is so attractive for advertisers heading into 2016

http://www.marketingdive.com/news/why-social-media-is-so-attractive-for-advertisers-heading-into-2016/410179/Social media is no longer the new kid on the marketing block. And, it has firmly assumed the rank of an essential channel for B2C and B2B marketers alike. Social media platforms have grown to be seen as a way to directly reach customers and prospects, a place to monitor conversations about brands, and as a great way to distribute links to content marketing and otherwise drive traffic to websites and landing pages.  According to Pew Research, 65% of all adults use social media. See more…

In order to be successful and maximize your time, it’s vital that you setup systems for every marketing strategy. Below are 6 of our favorite  and most powerful tips not only for startups but for every local business.

6 actionable social media tips for startups Ventureburn

http://ventureburn.com/2015/12/6-actionable-social-media-tips-startups/According to Rocketpost, 40% of people spend more time socialising on social media rather than having face-to-face interactions. If you’re smart, you will waste no time in using the power of social media marketing to the advantage of your startup. Wondering how you can do that? Read on.

1. Use a Social Media Scheduler
2. Choose Quality Content over Quantity
3. Place the Share Button Strategically
4. Use Social Media for Customer Service
5. Build an Online Community
6. Dont Be Desperate for Attention Click here for full article…


Images credit marketingdive.com, ventureburn.com