Here is what I can help with

Local Internet Marketing Plan

I take a look at your business, what you have done, how you are positioned in your local space and what needs to be done to increae your visibility. I do a deep dive and take a look at all aspects of your online presences. I then put together a very detailed execution plan that you or someone on your staff can follow and do. Learn more here.

Local Internet Marketing Plan and Execution

I do all the things In the local internet marketing plan where I take a complete look at your business and online presence to determine what needs to be done and then I implement it for you so you can just relax. Learn more here.

Ongoing Internet Marketing Services

This includes all of the above but it’s a subscription service because it’s designed for those in competitive markets or those that need lots of work and want to dominate certain areas. Learn more here.

Here is how to quickly tell which one you need:

  • If you are new and haven’t really done much online marketing or have done minor stuff yourself and are not in a big U.S city then the local plan or plans and execution might be what you need.
  • If you are just looking for a game plan to follow and you are a do it yourself type then the local internet marketing plan is most likely what you need.
  • If you have done some stuff, hired a cheap service before, see a significant drop in traffic, have more than one location  or are in a major U.S city then chances are you might need the ongoing services.

Either way you can contact me here or fill out my questionnaire so that I can guide you in the right direction.