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Will Google’s Changes Effect Your Business? Here Is What You Need To Know


http://marketingland.com/optimizing-mobile-search-2016-continuous-process-154303Marketingland.com explains why it’s important that every website is mobile friendly. According to a recent report mobile search surpasses desktop search.

Mobile now represents an impressive amount of online traffic. In 2015, it surpassed desktop for Google searches worldwide. Our own research at BrightEdge also indicated that by Q3 of 2014, purchases made on mobile had nearly the same average order size as those made on desktop. People are using mobile for their day-to-day internet needs, from browsing to shopping. See more…

In another article Marketing Land reports that e commerce sites and retailers are being effected my Google’s changes. This is specially important to those local online retailers because it may effect your business.


It has been a year of change at Google. A barrage of updates to the format of mobile search result pages have thrown the organic search performance for many retailers into chaos. (Hint: They’re now largely showing above the first organic listing, rather than between listings 1 and 2.) Aside from rich answers, we’ve also seen changes to a couple of paid placements that have had similarly strong impacts on organic search performance for retailers, especially those with established brands that have brick-and-mortar locations. Original Source here

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